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The Facility

Front Desk

The front desk is the hub of the Wellness for Life Fitness Center. Here members can schedule all fitness evaluations, equipment orientations, personal training sessions, massage appointments, and register for special programs and services. Members can also enjoy a cold refreshing beverage before or after their workout. We have a selection of nutrition bars available.

Strength/Functional Fitness

Our strength/functional fitness area was completely redone in June 2019, and is the ideal place for strength training, conditioning, sports performance, and functional fitness. The opportunities are endless with power racks, barbells, benches, conditioning sleds, battle ropes, a turf strip, and more. Dumbbells range in weight from 5 to 100lb. Pull-up bars, TRX straps, medicine balls, slam balls, and resistance bands are all available.

Cardiovascular Area

Our cardiovascular area is a clean and well-ventilated place to burn fat and get your heart and lungs in great shape. The most unique thing about our cardiovascular area is that it overlooks an Olympic size skating rink. This is one of the advantages of being located inside the largest skating complex on the East Coast!


The cardiovascular area is equipped with Treadmills, Elliptical trainers, up-right bikes, recumbent bikes, steppers, rowers, and a Nordic track machine. Each piece of cardiovascular equipment is connected to a wireless entertainment system to add to your enjoyment. The entertainment system allows you to select between 4 television stations and 3 music channels. Each cardiovascular machine is also equipped with heart rate monitors to measure your exercise exertion level.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training area is the place to get a quick, effective strength-training workout. We offer machines for all of the large muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Our certified staff will design a step-by-step strength training program for you to follow when using this area, as well as take you through each machine, so you become an expert on things like seat heights, sets, reps and how/when to increase the resistance.

Stretching and Core Strengthening

Our stretching and core strengthening area offers a place for members to relax and concentrate on lengthening and strengthening tight muscles after a tough workout. Informative stretching diagrams surround the area, demonstrating safe and effective stretches for all muscles in the body. The area also includes ab rollers, therapy balls, foam rollers, stability discs, Bosu balls, and other balance devices. Our staff will develop a detailed stretching program for each member at the time of their fitness workout design.

Personal & Team Training Studio

Our Training Studio was designed to provide a private space for personal training, group training, and team training. The Studio includes a power rack, weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, TRX Suspension Trainers, Plyo boxes, AirDyne bikes, resistance bands, slam balls, and more! This space is reserved for use by trainers and clients.

Group Fitness

Our group fitness room is designed to host a variety of group fitness classes, including BodyFlow, BodyPump, kickboxing, yoga, and more! Enjoy the view of the ice rink below while waiting for class to begin, or practice your favorite exercises in the tall mirrors. Visit our Group Fitness page to learn about the variety of classes available!

Cycling Studio

The perfect place to get your heart racing, our cycling studio has over 15 exercise bikes available for your use. Fans around the room keep the area ventilated, and an elevated instructor platform helps you get the most out of the class. Visit our Group Fitness page to see the schedule for upcoming cycling classes!

Locker Rooms

Refinished in June 2019! Our locker rooms offer a clean, well-ventilated environment to change your clothes, get ready for work, and prepare for your next commitment. We offer full-length lockers so it is convenient to hang up suits and dresses while staying wrinkle-free! Half lockers are also available. Our showers have drying and changing areas attached for individual privacy.

**Members and guests must bring their own locks and towels**

Pool Access at Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex

Swimming is great exercise! It's low-impact on joints and challenges the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Members of the Wellness for Life Fitness Center have the option to access the indoor swimming pool at Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex for an additional fee of only $15/month!

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